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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rumsfeld, MSM suck

Retired Maj. Gen. John R.S. Batiste said yesterday at a Capitol Hill
oversight hearing, "Secretary Rumsfeld ignored 12 years of U.S.
Central Command deliberate planning and strategy, dismissed
honest dissent, and browbeat subordinates to build 'his plan'...[he]
refused to acknowledge and even ignored the potential for the
insurgency...Rumsfeld's dismal strategic decisions resulted in the
unnecessary deaths of American servicemen and women, our allies,
and the good people of Iraq."

But you aren't gonna hear this one of the MSM (mainstream media)
news shows, they're too busy talking about President Clinton going
off on some conservative wanker on FoxNews. Portraying him as
crazy for getting angry at "Why didn't you do more to stop Al Qaeda?"

Hmmmm, I don't know, why didn't the MSM do more to make sure
the average American even knew what the fuck Al Qaeda was in the
first place? Oh that's right, they were too busy talking about "Will&Grace,"
Krispy Kreme Donuts and Ann Heche's tell-all book (Sept. 10, 2001,
Barbara Walters interview).

Bill Clinton has every right to be pissed off and to put a pipsqueak in
his place for asking a question is really a statement with an agenda.
Anyone with a God damned brain in his head should be able to see that.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bin Laden dead? Oh, I hope so.

Considering the United States government doesn't seem
to have any intention of ever seriously pursuing Osama
bin Laden, I really hope this French report of his death
is accurate. I think our government has either given up
on capturing bin Laden as a favor to his family or
because they are saving him for the midterm elections
or maybe the race in '08.

Personally, I don't think he was responsible for 9/11
anyway. I think the Bush administration was. It's a
matter of public record that a number of the supposed
19 hijackers have been found alive. If they weren't
part of the plot then it stands to reason that bin Laden
couldn't have sent them on their suicide mission.

If the gangly fucker dies of natural causes, it changes
the entire game really. Bush and his asshole cronies will
have failed once and for all to accomplish THE ONE THING
just about every American wanted done: get bin Laden. If
they can't do that, if they can't catch one 6'6" diabetic
on kidney dialysis, then they clearly aren't trying...
at all.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The importance of being earnest

My doctor is probably in her late 20s and she seems like
a well-meaning individual. Of course, that just makes
it worse that she wants to help me help myself. I gotta
think that as an Indian, she probably looks at fat
Americans and their gluttonous health problems and thinks
"there are people in my country that could live for a
month of the nutrients found in your fat man's shit."
Not that she would think anything that vulgar, but
you get the point.

She must think I really don't care what happens. I don't
NOT care about my health, it's just that I don't feel
like I can do much to improve things. Even when I DO
go out and exercise and make some progress, something
always happens to fuck things up. Like getting fired,
losing my health insurance, going into a deep dark
depression so black and funky that it feels like I'll
never get out of it. It's hard to go power walking
when you don't even want to get out of bed. Top it off,
I can't feel my feet. When I do go walking, it's like
I'm walking on stumps. My shoe could fly off and I probably
wouldn't feel it if I got a piece of glass shoved in
my foot. I know this is true, because I broke my toe
about three months ago and never felt that.

Hopefully I can do more than take pills to manage my
diabetes. I don't want to take insulin. Not that it's
that hard, it's just a line I'd rather not cross.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I finally found a reason to watch "Survivor"

There's been a little brouhaha over the
new season of "Survivor" on CBS because
this year, the tribes have been divided
up along racial line. The irony is that
tribes in the real world are pretty much
always divided along racial or clan lines.
Only in a country that second guesses itself
as much as the United States could this
kind of fake controversy be postulated.

That's right, I said fake controversy. For
I don't ever believe the press when it
talks about the controversy surrounding a
show. "Survivor" has gotten some pretty
low ratings in recent years so what most
likely happened is some suit came up with
a great idea to get people talking again.

But putting what I consider to be an
obvious case of corporate social engineering
aside, I don't really care if they divide
the tribes up racially. It doesn't offend me.
I think it's interesting. You'll see it's
common for the Asians and Hispanics to talk
about themselves and what it means to be
a part of their group. "As Hispanics, we're
used to the tropical climate and, as a people,
we're hard workers."

You will never hear the white tribe say,
"I think white people have a proven track
record of conquest. We've always been able
to move into a foreign land and dominate. So
yeah, we're totally gonna win this thing just
like we did the western hemisphere." I wish
they would say something like that. Stir it
up. It's better than having the usual band
of waiters and office managers pretending
they are different.

Next time, let's make it all about class
warfare or agism. Or let's really make it
racial. Let's get a group of skinheads and
Nazis on one side, maybe some Latin mobsters,
some gangstas. Really tear shit up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alex Jones Warning of New Terror Attack

Remember how sick you felt on 9/11/01?
If you could have done something to avoid
that, would you have? This time around,
you've got a guy warning you it's going to
happen again. He warned us the first time
but no one talks about that. Maybe he got
lucky ... mabye. I doubt it. Listen to
this warning and decide for yourself, but
remember, we've got midterm elections
coming up and the neo-cons are widely
predicted to lose their base. Can they
afford to just sit by and let that happen?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Casino Royale - Oh I'll BE there

Bond fans get ready, there's a new 007 in town.
If you aren't familiar with Daniel Craig, check
out "Layer Cake." It was a good flick and he
was great in it. He will make a fantastic
Bond and what's better is you don't look at
him and go, "Oh that's the guy from..."

Ghost Rider

OK Go- Here It Goes Again

This is for the old guys out there who don't get a
chance to hear about these minor cultural
phenomena through the normal channels. Plus I
can't help it, I think this is truly cool in that old
school way that videos used to be circa 1980
before everything was high tech, big boobs or
just plain irrelevant.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rock City

Here's my thing about The Crocodile Hunter

The Crocodile Hunter ... a guy who was kinda
askin' for it, don't ya think?
The death of Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin
at the hands (stinger?) of a stingray is not
remotely tragic. Now, I'm not glad the guy
is dead or anything sadistic like that, it just
seems to me that if you live by the sword and die
by the sword, that's just business as usual,
not a tragedy. In this case, Steve Irwin made
his living taunting animals. He'd get as close
as he could to them until they attacked him.
That's what animals do. It's not a secret. They
are afraid that anything that gets too close to
them is going to attack, kill and maybe eat them.
It's polite to keep your distance.

Sometimes Irwin would get bitten or clawed or spat at
and that was OK. Most were warning shots. Nature can
be a bit forgiving. In this one particular instance,
an animal got the better of Irwin and he died.

There are all kinds of wildlife experts in the world
who risk their lives to show us couch potatoes
the world around us. Mostly they take precautions
to keep sharks and crocs and elephants from
messing them up too bad. Irwin's behaviorpretty
much crossed the line from getting a good
look at various animals into baiting them.

And he did this for money, ratings and fame.

So feel sad for his passing if you must just
don't act like jokes at his expense are "too soon"
after the event to be tasteful. Right now, there
are a bunch of crocodiles pissed off at the uppity
stingray for getting there first.

Star Trek ... the Special Edititon?

Taking a page from Lucas and Spielberg's playbook on
CBS are re-mastering the effects in the original 79
episodes of "Star Trek." Gone is the model Enterprise,
a character in its own right, the matte painted backgrounds
and the 2-dimensional starscapes. The "cheesy" special
effects are being tweaked to give the show new life. It should
be airing on TVLand in November.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I don 't like it. Not one bit.

The effects might seems cheesy to those of us raised on
CGI, but for late 60s TV stagecraft they are excellent. And
that's not even the point. "Star Trek" rocks not because of the
effects but because the stories are so good. Each episode is
a like a classic play. They are classic theater pieces in which
the interaction between the characters is the focal point. It doesn't
matter that Frank Gorshin's half black/half white makeup job in
"Let This Be Your Last Battlefield" was just grease paint. The story
was still a biting condemnation of racism's insane destructiveness
and could not have been improved upon with 10 hours of latex
work and hundreds of gigs worth of computer aided graphics.

Would "The Balance of Terror" have kicked any more ass if the Romulan
ship interior HAD looked more like a warship bridge than a bunch
of guys standing around gray cube-shaped console with blinking
lights on it? Hell no, I say. Hell. No.

I've seen similar attempts to upgrade a classic sci fi show with "better"
effects. They did it to "Red Dwarf." You can only see the cgi versions
of the first two seasons these days. And you know what? It still looks
cheesy. Now the special effects just look like animated cheese. Thank
the Lord above I have copies of the original show to watch. Likewise, I
will always return to the un-futzed with episodes of "Star Trek" because
they will always be the best way to watch that show.

With that said, I'll check it out and if it makes me truly puke like no
man has puked before. Then I can poo poo it with authority.

Leave well enough alone dammit!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The New Look

Got a new template here. Hope you like it. I always go
for clean white lines. I was enticed by the whole Blogger
Beta sweet talk. I was under the impression that this new
format was going to be highly customizable. Well, it's OK,
but nothing to switch templates for. But what the hell, the
price is right.

The New Fall Line-up

In the last few years, I've noticed I don't give a damn about
some things that used to at least pique my curiosity. The
new shows that populate the networks every Fall, for example,
NEVER sound interesting to me even though they might have
in the past. NBC's doing a show called "Heroes" about regular
people with superhero-like abilities. Should make me think
about getting just a little excited about the prospect of it
being to my liking. No chance though. Maybe I've been burnt
too many times or maybe as you age you lose some chemical
that responds to that kind of stimuli. It's also possible
that I've gotten used to some really high quality entertainment
on British television and American cable. Why watch 43 minutes
of pap punctuated by 17 minutes of commercial interruptions when
I can download three seasons of "Shameless" from UKNova?
Give me six episodes of "Snuffbox" from BBC3 any day over
"Who the fuck cares who loves Raymond?" any way? Franky,
I've found it pretty hard to get into ANY sitcoms since "Seinfeld"
went off the air. Nothing comes close in the U.S. besides
"The Simpsons" but then that's not a sitcom, it's an animated

Nebraska Cornhusker fans can suck it

I try to be enlightened. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be
said for fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They just don't freaking
get it. This primarily because most of them aren't sports fans in
general, they're just the kind of fair weather low lifes who leech off
of someone elses success hoping it will boost them up just a
little bit. As if the successes of a bunch of 19-year-old college
students from other states can make Mavis the waitress and
Joe the truck driver winners when they run a little ball down a field.
That kind of success doesn't lift us all up.

Now, inventing the digital computer or flight, that is something
everyone can be proud of if you are lucky enough to live in one
of those states.

Nebraska fans think anyone who just doesn't give a shit about
Husker games is jealous. It's amazing. Arguing with these
dumb fucks is like trying to talk about particle physics with ...
well, these people I guess. Though to be fair, I wouldn't be
surprised if there are one or two particle physicists who are
Big Red fans. I would, however, be stunned gormless if they
didn't have massive emotional problems to boot.

Every time the Huskers play, life stops in Nebraska ... if you can
what you find here life. It's mostly just meat buffets and call
centers punctuated by angry retard strength road rage on the
local beltway.

Fuck the Huskers, but more importantly, fuck Husker fans.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This movie fucked me up

I didn't write this. This is a short story that was turned, word for word, into a movie that was shown to my elementary school class back in '76 when I was 8. It isn't that extreme for adults or even children today, but just imagine being a youth back in the days before cable and graphic violence on TV. This film was not meant to be shown to children, according to Skip at AVGeeks.com. It was meant to be shown to their teachers. I remember our teacher wasn't even paying attention when she warped our little minds with this. It has haunted me for years. ENJOY!

Cipher in the Snow: A True Story

It started with tragedy on a biting cold February morning. I was driving behind the Milford Corners bus as I did most snowy mornings on my way to school. It veered and stopped short at the hotel, which it had no business doing, and I was annoyed as I had to come to an unexpected stop. I boy lurched out of the bus, reeled, stumbled, and collapsed on the snowbank at the curb. The bus driver and I reached him at the same moment. His thin, hollow face was white even against the snow.
"He's dead," the driver whispered.
It didn't register for a minute, I glanced quickly at the scared young faces staring down at us from the school bus. "A doctor! Quick! I'll phone from the hotel . . ."
"No use, I tell you, he's dead." The driver looked down at the boy's still form. "He never even said he felt bad," he muttered. "Just tapped my on the shoulder and said, real quiet, 'I'm sorry. I have to get off at the hotel.' That's all. Polite and apologizing like."
At school the giggling, shuffling morning noise quieted as news went down the halls. I passed a huddle of girls. "Who was it? Who dropped dead on the way to school?" I head one of them half-whisper.
"Don't know his name. Some kid from Milford Corners," was the reply.
It was like that in the faculty room and the principal's office. "I'd appreciate your going out to tell the parents," the principal told me. "They haven't a phone, and anyway, somebody from the school should go there in person. I'll cover your classes."
"Why me?" I asked. "Wouldn't it be better if you did it?"
"I didn't know the boy," the principal admitted levelly. "And in last year's sophomore personalities column I noted that you were listed as his favorite teacher."
I drove through the snow and cold down the bad canyon road to the Evans' place and thought about the boy, Cliff Evans. His favorite teacher! I thought. He hasn't spoken two words to me in two years! I could see him in my mind's eye all right, sitting back there in the last seat in my afternoon literature class. He came in the room by himself and left by himself. "Cliff Evans," I muttered to myself, "a boy who never talked." I thought a minute. "A boy who never smiled. I never saw him smile once."
The big ranch kitchen was clean and warm. I blurted out my news somehow. Mrs. Evans reached blindly toward a chair. "He never said anything about bein' ailing."
His stepfather snorted. "He ain't said nothin' about anything since I moved in here."
Mrs. Evans pushed a pan to the back of the stove and began to untie her apron. "Now hold on," her husband snapped. "I got to have breakfast before I go to town. Nothin' we can do now, anyway. If Cliff hadn't been so dumb, he'd have told us he didn't feel good."
After school I sat in the office and stared blankly at the records spread out before me. I was to read the file and write the obituary for the school paper. The almost bare sheets mocked the effort. Cliff Evans, white, never legally adopted by stepfather, five young half-brothers and sisters. These meager strands of information and the list of "D" grades were all the records had to offer.
Cliff Evans had silently come in the school door in the mornings and gone out the school door in the evenings, and that was all. He had never belonged to a club. He had never played on a team. He had never held an office. As far as I could tell, he had never done one happy, noisy kid thing. He had never been anybody at all.
How do you go about making a boy into a zero? The grade-school records showed me. The first and second grade teachers' annotations read, "Sweet, shy child," "timid but eager." Then the third grade note had opened the attack. Some teacher had written in a good, firm hand, "Cliff won't talk. Uncooperative. Slow learner." The other academic sheep and followed with "dull," "slow-witted," "low I.Q." They became correct. The boy's I.Q. score in the ninth grade was listed at 83. But his I.Q. in the third grade had been 106. The score didn't go under 100 until the seventh grade. Even the shy, timid, sweet children have resilience. It takes time to break them.
I stomped to the typewriter and wrote a savage report pointing out what education had done to Cliff Evans. I slapped a copy on the principal's desk and another in the sad, dog-eared file. I banged the typewriter and slammed the file and crashed the door shut, but I didn't feel much better. A little boy kept walking after me, a little boy with a peaked, pale face; a skinny body in faded jeans; and big eyes that had looked and searched for a long time and then had become veiled.
I could guess how many times he had been chosen last to play sides in a game, how many whispered child conversations had excluded him, how many times he hadn't been asked. I could see and hear the faces that said over and over, "You're nothing, Cliff Evans."
A child is a believing creature. Cliff undoubtedly believed them. Suddenly it seemed clear to me: When finally there was nothing left at all for Cliff Evans, he collapsed on a snowbank and went away. The doctor might list "heart failure" as the cause of death, but that wouldn't change my mind.
We couldn't find ten students in the school who had known Cliff well enough to attend the funeral as his friends. So the student body officers and a committee from the junior class went as a group to the church, being politely sad. I attended the services with them, and sat through it with a lump of cold lead in my chest and a big resolve growing through me.
I've never forgotten Cliff Evans nor that resolve. He has been my challenge year after year, class after class. I look for veiled eyes or bodies scrounged into a seat in an alien world. "Look, kids," I say silently. "I may not do anything else for you this year, but not one of you is going to come out of here as a nobody. I'll work or fight to the bitter end doing battle with society and the school board, but I won't have on e of you coming out of there thinking himself a zero."
Most of the time -- not always, but most of the time -- I've succeeded.

-Jean Mizer

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Inconvenient Truth

"I said that this war was coming and agreed with
the Pope (John Paul II) that it was unjust, immoral
and illegal. Right now in the US, the only reason
the war is becoming more unpopular is because George
Bush is losing it. To lose a war as a politician is
a cardinal sin. That's why this country is going
sour on it, not for the right reasons."

Frank Cordaro
from the article "Catholic Anti-War Activist
Released from Jail"
by Lee Siggs of
The Universe Catholic Newspaper
in England. Posted Sept. 4, 2006

Phil Berrigan Catholic Worker House
713 Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50314
(515) 282-4781

Monday, September 04, 2006

Communist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist Party
Communist Party
Communist Party
Communist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist Party
Communist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist PartyCommunist Party
Communist PartyCommunist Party
Get it?

Sunday Bloody Sunday

9/11 Cover Up

This is a well-made case for what I think many
rational people suspect is true and what most
decent well-meaning but naive citizens don't
want to believe could possibly be true. Give
it at least 10 minutes and you'll want to watch
the whole thing.

Alex Jones in Waking Life

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Trailer Park Boys-You Got to Blame the Thing Up Here

"Trailer Park Boys" is one of my favorite Canadian TV shows.
The other is "Forever Knight," of course. Play and Enjoy!
But be warned, this show's a bit dirty.

Also, expect more in the way of video on this blog since I
obviously just figured out how to get it up here.